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Anwaltskanzlei Bürgi Hotz Zellweger


Our Chambers


were opened in Frauenfeld in 1930 by Dr Jakob Müller, who was later elected to the Thurgau Government Council and to the Council of States. In 1935 Dr Max Haffter took over the chambers and appointed barrister Paul Müller as his partner in 1953. Dr Hermann Bürgi joined the chambers in 1979. When he was elected to the Thurgau Government Council in 1986, he was replaced in our office by Dr Kaspar Schläpfer. Lic. iur.* Matthias Hotz and lic. iur.* Carlo Parolari became partners in 1994 and 1996 respectively.


After ten years' service for the Government, Dr Hermann Bürgi returned to us in autumn 1996. In autumn 2002, Dr Kaspar Schläpfer was elected to the Thurgau Government Council. He was replaced in the Chambers by lic. iur.* Frank Zellweger. We appointed lic. iur.* Markus Bürgi as an Associate in summer 2003 and then as a partner in early 2005, following the election of Carlo Parolari as Mayor of Frauenfeld.


Beginning of 2009 the lawyer’s office of Ruedi Garbauer and our law firm merged and lic. iur.* Ruedi Garbauer joined Bürgi Hotz Zellweger as a new partner. In the end of 2009 lic. iur.* Michèle Strähl-Obrist and in autumn 2010 Dr Simon Wolfer joined our team as associates.


After many years as president of the Steckborn district court, Dr René Schwarz joined our chambers in 2011 as a new partner. Beginning of 2014 lic. iur.* Ana Lombardi joined our chamber as associate. Beginning of 2015 we appointed Michèle Strähl-Obrist and Simon Wolfer as partner. After ten years as Mayor of Frauenfeld, Carlo Parolari returned to us as a partner in summer 2015.


Beginning of 2016 lic. iur. Christian Sturzenegger and beginning of 2018 MLaw Natalie Roos joined our team as associates. In summer 2018 Dr Karin Looser Hürsch, who used to be an independent lawyer with the lawyer's office Grauer & Looser, joined Bürgi Holz Zellweger as a new partner. At the end of 2020, our Team was supplemented with MLaw Alessandra Biondi as an associate. Beginning of 2022 we appointed Christian Sturzenegger as a partner.



We offer


a competent, quick and thorough service as a team or as individual lawyers, using the very latest technical and administrative tools and with a highly motivated staff team.


We guarantee absolute discretion and maintain an open and transparent relationship with our clients. We are listed in the register of lawyers and are authorised throughout Switzerland. We are also authorized to act as certifying officers.


As members of the Thurgau and Swiss Bar Associations, we are subject to strict rules of conduct.


We normally charge for our work in accordance the usual fee rales.


In cooperation with these associations and the universities, we endeavour to provide our staff with continuous further education.



* licentiate of law